MATE Sessions

Mental-health Awareness Through Exercise

Strength, vulnerability and resilience through exercise, healthy lifestyle choices and community

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What are

MATE Sessions?

MATE Sessions (MATE stands for Mental-health Awareness Through Exercise) are short programmes  (about one hour) for men only, designed to:


  • Challenge them physically through a high intensity interval training style exercise session

  • Nourish them through nutritious refreshments and

  • Educate them through guest speakers who are experts in the mental health, nutrition and fitness fields.

Generally, MATE Sessions will be held in a Crossfit gym or at a park or beach.  These types of locations provide a space that is suitable for exercise as well as our guest speaker and of course space for you guys.


Why men only and why mental health?

Everyone goes through hard times and everyone struggles with things at times.  Men tend not to talk about these things with each-other or their loved ones though- there is a stigma surrounding vulnerability in men.  This stigma is a contributor to men not only engaging in risky or unhealthy behaviours that lead to poor health, but at its worst, the suicide of everyday men, everyday.

MATE Sessions has noticed a distinct lack of services available to adult men which address mental health, lifestyle and education and this is the gap that MATE Sessions aims to fill.  Health, education and lifestyle are interconnected and together can make a significant difference to the life outcomes of men, no matter what their background or situation.

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